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Your ATV or SSV

The tours are tag along style, so you will need to bring your own ATV or SSV. We do provide a recovery service, however you will need to do your best to ensure that you won’t require it, by making sure your machine is in good condition and it probably wouldn’t hurt having your local bike shop throw their eye over it and give it a service, just to be sure.

Ride gear

This is not racing so full MX ride gear is not essential. You are however required to wear long pants, long sleeve tops and boots. Hiking type boots or motocross boots are ideal but elastic sided boots are acceptable. You will need a road legal motorcycle helmet (pretty much all helmets you buy in a shop should be fine), eye protection (sunglasses are OK but goggles are better), and gloves. It can be cool in the mornings so a ride jacket is a good idea, and we have a few 4 wheel drives on the tour so you can take it off and give it to them as the day warms up.

Other gear to take on the ride

A hydration pack is a good idea (camelback or similar) as is a hat for when we stop during the ride. We usually have photographers along on our tours, but why not throw your own camera in too. You can bring your mobile phone along if you like, but it will only be of any use to you at our overnight stops as service in the outback is usually pretty sketchy at best. If you need to have any medications along with you, our support vehicles will have first aid kits on board, as well as fridges if they are required to hold any medications. No, beer is not technically medication, though I know it does make me feel better!

Spare parts

We have a large enclosed trailer that travels to each overnight stop so if there are any spare parts or tools you think you may need at the end of the day, we should be able to transport them for you. It is probably a good idea to chat with any friends you have coming with you on the tour to make sure you don’t double up too much.


You will be refuelling yourself at a service station each night, but that probably won’t be enough to get you through a whole day, so we ask that you bring along a full 20 litre jerry can. You can fill it each day when you fuel your machine and one of our service vehicles will take it to the lunch stop for you. Please ensure that you clearly label your jerry can so you can easily find it amongst all of the cans at the fuel stop.


We will be riding on public roads so normal blood alcohol level laws apply, however as we are also running under an MA permit, all riders must be at 0% to ride. This means no drinking whatsoever during the ride, but when we pull up to town for the night you are more than welcome to wet your whistle. There is no need to bring your own alcohol as the towns we are staying in have great facilities. Just remember to take it easy as riding with a hangover isn’t much fun, and don’t have too big a night because you may be required to take a random breath test in the morning because the local police will be actively involved in our tour.

Overnight bag

You don’t need to carry your clothing and toiletries with you. Just pack a bag with everything you need and it will be taken in a support vehicle to each overnight stop. It will not be on the trails with us so please ensure anything you need during the day is on your machine or is given to our staff to be taken in the lead or sweep 4 wheel drives.

Things to pack in your overnight bag should include:

• Toiletries

• Casual clothes including shoes for evenings

• Spare ride gear

• Camera and phone chargers

• Spare oiled air filter in a snap sealed bag for your bike is a good idea.


The tour price is based on a twin share arrangement so if there is someone you would like to share with, you will be able to advise us of their name as part of the registration process. If you would like to have a room to yourself this can be arranged however the cost will be a little more.


47industries conduct these tours with the support of Can-am and we always have the video gear handy to catch footage of ATV’s and SSV’s in action, so be aware that you may end up in a 47industries video some time down the track. If you don’t want your parole officer finding out you were out there having fun….leave your helmet on! Also, if you capture any cool footage or take any pictures yourself, we would love to get our hands on them to help promote the program.

Special circumstances

We like to try and cater for everyone, so if you have a hurdle you think would make this tour too hard for you, give us a call. Miracles generally just take an extra phone call.

Relaxed attitude

These tours are a relaxed trail ride, not a race. If you want to go flat out, these tours are probably not for you. We will be riding at the pace of the support 4x4’s so don’t expect to break the sound barrier. Bad attitudes will not be tolerated and anyone deemed by the trail boss to be causing trouble or doing anything that risks the future of our tour program will be removed from the tour and taken back to their car in a support vehicle. This includes behaviour at the overnight stops as well. 47industries is a partner of Tread Lightly in North America and we are extremely passionate about preserving the environment we use for recreation, so stick to the trails and we’ll get on just fine. We will have rubbish bins in all support vehicles and if you are a smoker, please bring something to put your butts in.


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